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Batch size and different session variables
Batch size and different session variables
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Hello Briam,

1) Batch Size of Integration WorkFlow is useful to increase the sync speed. The batch size is the speed with which data/records are read from the CRM/ERP tools or inserted to a CRM/ERP tools. The ideal batch size should be 1 to 200. Batch size 30 means, it will pick up 30 records in sync batch.

2) We have different session variables to pick up the records based certain time intervals. Here are the 4 session variables DBSync has:
Last Success Run: $last_success_run
Last Completed Run: $last_completed_run
Last Success Start Run: $last_success_start_run
Last Run Start Time: $last_run_start_time

It can be used in queries like below:
select * from Customer WHERE Metadata.LastUpdatedTime>'$last_success_run'
select * from Vendor WHERE Metadata.LastUpdatedTime>'$last_completed_run'
select * from Item WHERE Metadata.LastUpdatedTime>'$last_success_start_run'
select * from Invoice WHERE Metadata.LastUpdatedTime>'$last_run_start_time'

Note: These session variables are of Date & Time format.

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