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Salesforce connecting with DBSync
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If Salesforce is disconnected / you want to connect the New Salesforce User, please follow the steps mentioned below.

1. Login to DBSync Account using the link:

2. Then Click on Development Studio(Button at the right side)

3. Click on Project and then click on your Project name. In your case it is: “Intouch_QBD_SF_unidirectional”

4. Click on Connectors [Left top] and the click on ““<<Project-Name>> / Salesforce”

5. Click on “Would you like to re-connect?”

6. Click on “Connect to Salesforce” --> Enter the credential and sign in.

7. Then beside Quick Setup click on "Advanced Properties" → Click on Validate Connection then click on Save.

Note: Salesforce login gets auto disconnected due to auth token expiry from Salesforce side. If this happens, we need to reconnect the Salesforce connector for it to work back. Please follow the steps mentioned below.

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