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Marketing Campaign Lifecycle - MSCRM
Could anyone tell me about this in MSCRM?
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Microsoft Dynamics Marketing automated campaigns provide flexibility for rapid modification to enable real time personalized marketing. At the same time, an effective campaign involves planning. This is a typical campaign life cycle. It begins with planning. You want to determine the set of campaign activities, duration between each activity, and a lead scoring model. Then you move to building the campaign. You'll build any activities or other entities required. Next, after building you'll validate and check that all of the campaign activities are completed as required by Dynamics Marketing. After validating, you'll activate the campaign. This means that you'll turn the campaign on. Next, as the campaign runs, you'll continue verifying the campaign that it's running properly as well as monitoring. You'll review the campaign results over the duration of the campaign and adjust accordingly, and you'll also review reports.

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