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Could you explian about microsoft CRM Sales Force Automation?
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From its earliest version Microsoft Dynamics CRM has been a strong account and

contact management solution. As a natural extension of Outlook, MS CRM allows the

user to turn Outlook contacts into leads and accounts, convert these into opportunities

and ultimately turn them into orders and invoices. With respect to contacts, leads and

accounts, there are a large number of fields and tabs available for capturing key

attributes. Through a new Relationships Editor, you can link each entity to another in a

1:1, 1:N and N:N configuration.

Such as, an account can have many contacts and can be related to those contacts as

employees of or owners of the account. A contact can also be related to multiple

accounts, to one as a former employee and to another account as a current employee.

You may also use self-referencing relationships by relating an account to itself. I cannot

provide an example of this, but the relational structure is available is you have a need

for that type of connection.

Opportunities in MS CRM, like other CRM systems, are essentially leads that have been

promoted or qualified to advance to the next sales stage. Opportunities contain

information fields relative to the prospect’s interest in a specific product or service, a

specific price range, a specific timeframe and the probability of success or failure. All of

these elements come together into a sales pipeline. Opportunities can be created from

an account or a contact. You can also convert an opportunity into a quote and an order

automatically, which is a great feature particularly for users of the Dynamics accounting

products. There are many ways to input information about an opportunity, including

menu items for selecting a price list and types of products. As you would expect,

Microsoft CRM is tightly integrated with the Microsoft Office suite and includes the

ability to do things like setup and use multiple email templates and merge to Outlook or

Word. Also, exports to Excel are easily available.

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