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Creating and Modifying Dashboards in MSCRM
How to create a Dashboard? And how to modify them in Microsoft CRM?
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A dashboard provides a way to present several areas of Microsoft Dynamics CRM data in a single display. This is useful for showing a quick overview of the status of a process, amount of activity going on or items which may need attention. Dashboards are often designed for a particular job role or a department and show information which would otherwise require the user to navigate through several screens to get the detail they need. Users can interact with the information and dashboards to explore and analyze it further to gain new insights and take actions on records to deal with any issue. As in charts there are system and personal dashboards. Personal dashboards can be shared, however, if it is composed of personal views, those views will need to be shared separately. Dashboards are made up of components, such as views, charts, iFrames or Web resources.

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